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What Is Child Psychology?


Generally, the branch of psychology is so vast that it cannot be explained in one or two pages. There are different branches of psychology, and child psychology is just one of them. The psychologists who practice this specific type of psychology deal with the social, emotional and mental development of kids. They keep an observation on the development in the child from the prenatal period to puberty. The major topics include development in language, genetics, gender roles, personality, sexual development, cognitive development and social growth. Generally, a child psychologist works with children of different age groups. Some of them even prefer to work only with children who fall within a definite age bracket.

Educational qualification

If you manage to opt for a master degree, then there are lots of opportunities that will come in your way. But, there are also various other options at the doctoral-level. In fact, there are numerous programs that provide degrees related to child psychology. Still, it’s always the best to opt for Psy.D or Ph.D.  After one completes the degree he will need to go for an internship program of 2-3 years, followed by completing the national and state evaluation to get the license.



Career opportunities

Well, you must be also wondering about the career opportunities in child psychology. You would be glad to know that this field has lots of opportunities to offer all those who hold a doctorate degree. The demand for Child Psychologists Adelaide has increased recently owing to the modernization of the world and related factors. One can work as a Child Psychologist in court, school, mental health clinics and hospitals, as well as go for private practice.


The salaries of Child Psychologists Adelaide vary on factors like experience, employment sector, location and educational qualification. But, roughly on the basis of your grade or level, you can earn somewhere in between £30,000-60,000 p.a.